Detox Tea
Detox Tea
Detox Tea

Detox Tea


Keep calm and Detoxify!

We get it. Junk food, fast food and that one too many cocktails you’ve downed last night would definitely leave you feeling like you’ve abused your awesome bod. 

With our Detox tea, there’s no more need to feel guilty. 

Cleanse yourself from all those pesky toxins once in the AM and again before your catch your zzzz (don’t worry, it’s caffeine free). Make it a habit and you’ll see how nice it is to feel beautiful from the inside.

This elixir of dandelion and burdock roots, mixed with the goodness of apple blossoms and the benefits of honey leaf, is a must for good hale. It may not magically turn you into a fairytale princess but you definitely won’t be feeling like a frog!


How to taste the goodness:
Take out a teabag, appreciate the beauty of its fine ingredients - yes, this pretty mix is especially for you! Steep in a small pot with 250ml of hot water for 2-3 minutes while you prep your serenity corner. Put on your favourite tune and drink your tea with pleasure!

PS: Keep the teabag for another brew tonight.


3.5 grams of herbs each.

Ingredients: Dandellion root, Burdock root, Honeyleaf, and Apple Blossoms