Save ₱700! Summer Madness Promo
Save ₱700! Summer Madness Promo

Save ₱700! Summer Madness Promo


Buy AM Slim Tea and Get Slim AM Tea for FREE

Want to have the energy, the bod and ultimate fun this summer? Start and end your day right with a delicious cuppa! Pair your gym or training plans with our Slim teas. Get the Slim PM Tea for FREE when you buy our Slim AM tea.



TeaConcept® Slim AM Tea

Feel sexier in every cup.

This morning slimming tea is the healthier way to start your day. Made from the finest herbs known to help boost weight loss such as Oolong tea, Yerba Mate tea, Rooibos tea, and Pu-erh tea, this morning delight is great on its own or as an addition to your current diet.

Infused with the invigorating note of mint leaf, the fruity goodness of dry whole Goji berries and unique flavor profiles of rose petals, ginger pieces and lotus leaf blended in harmony with the sweet, buttery fragrant of Sweet Osmanthus. Every cup releases that energizing aroma, an inviting way to healthy fitness morning routines.

TeaConcept® Slim PM Tea

Time to say adios to those love handles.

The healthy blend of the finest fat-burning ingredients in this Slim PM Tea is your healthy way to shed those extra pounds. One cup and you’ll have an all-natural, healthy slimming concoction from powerful slimming agents such us Pu-erh tea, Lotus leaf, Hawthorn, Senna leaf and Oolong tea.


It also contains Cassia seeds, known as potent craving-suppressant. With the fruity note of Goji berries in a harmonious fusion with soothing Dandelion leaves and Lavender,  each sip will not only help you lose weight but also promotes good Zzzz later tonight.