Skin Tea
Skin Tea
Skin Tea

Skin Tea


Glow with the Flow!

Ok, we just tried to make a pun, but our Skin tea won’t do that.

Our little secret to better skin lies in the floral goodness of baby chrysanthemums and carnations boosted by vitamin rich tangerines and the anti-ageing power of bamboo leaf. 

Remember that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? A cup of our skin tea a day will make that hot doctor run after your pretty glowing skin all day! If you don’t hang around where they are, don’t be sad, you’d still feel really awesome with your soft supple skin anyway.


How to taste the goodness:
Take out a teabag, appreciate the beauty of its fine ingredients - yes, this pretty mix is especially for you! Steep in a small pot with 250ml of hot water for 2-3 minutes while you shut the curtains. Strip off to your birthday suit and drink your tea with pleasure!

PS: Keep the teabag for another brew tonight.


4 grams of herbs each.

Ingredients: Bamboo lead, Carnations, Tangerines, Baby Chrysanthemums